To our heavenly Father, our God, Holy is Your name in all the earth.  Faith of Christ Church thank You for many mercies You have given to us.  We thank You for we feel that we are entirely in Your hands in all respects. We desire and praise You, the Giver of gifts.  You are good when You give, You are good when You take away, You are good when the night  is heavy about us, You are good when the sun shines and give good tidings in our ways. You are good and do good. We honor You.

         Blessed be the Name of the Lord from the rising of the sun and to the going down thereof and through the night let His praise be still celebrated. Faith of Christ Church children are filled with amazement as well as with gratitude this year 2024 for another year of growth in Grace and Righteousness, appreciating His love even before the foundation of the world. His sovereign love has been pitched upon us, giving us holiness and power in Christ who is full of Grace and Truth; with the Holy Spirit who comforts our lives with love and power in Christ, in the blood of Jesus Christ and the only begotten Son Jesus to die for unworthy creatures like us. Still loving us notwithstanding our sins & transgressions.

       Amazing Grace. Thank You Lord. It may be strange but it surpasses belief at times and we know it to be so.  With Your love, we learned to say “Abba, Father.”  You have not changed.  Bless FCC Vision of  Prayer, Leadership Effectiveness, Growth of the Church. We can only say, Blessed be the Name of the Lord. Especially would we make mention of the goodness of the Lord during another year, 2024, leading us to the right path. Make us glorify You Father, with Your Faith and Name in us more than any other year of our lives.  We are so happy to glorify and seek Your face. Bless our FCC Year of Prayer.  Amen and Amen.  in Jesus Christ Mighty Name. Be Blessed with His Grace.

Pastor Edpaul


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