Blessed are those who are not offended of the Lord Jesus Christ. Those who believe is precious in the sight of God.  Those who receive Him becomes child of God.  Today many say they know God but do not follow His will. Sin becomes common in action, word and deeds. These should not be. Yesterday I led Mr. Bong to Christ in Panorama. My wife Marilyn was there also. I was carrying a book about encouragement Bong asked, “what it’s all about.” Exchanges followed till he asked, How one becomes a Christian?” I told him the context of Rom 10:9. The Holy Spirit worked in him. It was touching hearing him confessed and believing Jesus forgiveness.  He asked Jesus to come to His life. Glory to God. We are all children of God with a purpose. Let’s replace our conversation with Jesus Lordship and prepared to lead sous to Christ. Never be ashamed of Jesus. You will be filled with Grace. Amen.

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