Most people assume that feelings of incompetence are enemies to subdue, to overcome or to beat rather than friends to be employed.  In some cases these feelings can prepare us for great attainments.  Apostle Paul discovered when he set out to preach the Gospel to the world. In spite of his great learning and varied gifts, Paul said “ We are like good aroma to those being saved… but who is sufficient in all these?” (2Cor 2:15-16) In taking this humble claim he was able to step out beyond his own personal limits and tap into supernatural power.  Many times we fail to engage in ministries because we easily surrender to our inadequacies.  We limit ourselves to using our limitations as an excuse for not taking on difficult assignments and all too often we say, “I can’t do this” or “I don’t want that responsibility” when faced with God’s call to serve. Some declare openly or secretly and moving out of the scene quietly.  Our excuses are unacceptable because the Holy Spirit will empower us for any task the Lord assigns.  Unless we claim our supernatural power we run the risk of multiplied failure.  First we miss the joy, peace, and contentment derived from stepping out in faith to answer the Lord’s impossible call. We miss watching His “enablement.”  Another, our hesitancy may deprive other people of benefits from our service.  Perhaps you feel that don’t have much to offer, but if you are a child of God, He equipped you with all you need for serving Him. Listen to this,  “Never underestimate the impact of one person who has learned how to depend upon the adequacy of Almighty God.”  Amen.  In the FCC Bulletin today, we find some ministry need feeling up. Open to God in Christ Name and Faith. Tell Him you like to serve. He is waiting. This is His will. Jesus bless you.

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