Heavenly Father

We Glorify and Honor You today King of all ages.  There are many thing we want to ask you today. Your will be done. In the Name of Jesus  we ask Your mercy to subdue, help America. Help us in the uncertainty of the next 30 days again. We seek Your help in New York lower the numbers and help the people to cooperate with the programs against COVID 19.  We seek Your kindness in California with 7200 plus cases of the Virus. Give a clear mindset for the Surgeon General Dr. Jerome Adams. Thank you for Dr. Siegel who give guidance  and other Doctors who provide help in the frontlines throughout the whole world.. Thank You Lord for the many hospital bed that are being constructed.  Help the controversy of people who are being kicked out of their rental rooms because they work in the hospital with COVID 19 cases. Help all the leaders of the land be given peace that pass all understanding. Forgive us Father for all our iniquities, for not being aware of Your presence, for not reaching out to others. Bless Faith of Christ Church for Praying, Reading the Bible and Reaching out. Bless the Thursday and Sunday Services. Protect the Church Father. Bless Pacific Church Network, Dr. Pastor Jim Smith, Brian Howard and all the community of Pastors. Lead us O Holy Spirit the Promised Comforter. I pray for the protection of the families in FCC, for opportunity to be good dad and moms, good children. To the  Community to practice Social Distancing, covering faces, stay home, wash hands.  I pray for homeless people, those we see who live in tents in L.A.,  in Nevada who sleeps in parking lots. Father You have plans we cannot question. We can only share peacefully things You can do to others and have hope in You. Thank You for the rest , hope and security Lord thank You for Your help, the sufficiency of Your Grace. You are the living God, only One, the Great IAM, we seek Your Face, We ask all these in Jesus Mighty Name. Amen.


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