Dear Heavenly Father You we are blessed calling You and Jesus Christ through the Holy Spirit’s guidance.  Help us in our awareness that You are there when Your children calls to You.  We have aches and needs common to all.  We are overcomer in all these but we are happy to tell You what are immediate, burdensome and needed.  Your Word is life in us a Spirit giving inspiration. Answer us today as we worship You in Spirit and Truth,  Forgive us our sins as we forgive others, The members of FCC ask for healing in all the sicknesses that are burdensome.  Some have financial problems to overcome. You are there Lord. Family problems needing understanding of one another. Travellers of the Church. THe Widows and Orphans, Your Grace is sufficient. Protect FCC, the servant leaders,  volunteers and the whole congregation, Thank You Father. I pray for those new one’s who accepted the Lord Jesus. Help them and guide their new walks in life. Lead the way Father. Show us the light. Your will be done, In Jesus Name. Amen.


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