Dear Heavenly Father the Most HIgh. We bless You.  You are Peace and the Light in darkness.  We never get wayward following You. Life emanates from You and without You we can do nothing. Bless the Mothers today and forever.  Let peace prevail in all families.  Today we come excited to hear Your Word. O Holy Spirit help the understanding of everyone. Once again Father, we seek healing for those sick among us.  Those with financial difficulties give them the solutions to ease their burdens. Bless Faith of Christ Church as we continue to learn and wordhip You. Protect those who will receive Baptism and those You call for the Ministry.  Please help those who have pressing problems today. Give them strength and trust in Your finshlshed work. Thank You for not leaving us.  We worship You in Spirit and in Truth, Bless those whom you sent today. Forgive our sins as we forgive others. Accept our Worship, Bless the Minister, the Ministries, Small Groups, the Volunteers, the Deacons and the Congregation, Your will be done, all for Your glory.  In Jesus Name we pray. Amen,.

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