Heavenly Father we bless You, accept our praises and the worship of life You give.  Forgive our sins as we forgive others.  We adore Your blessed Name Holy and Reverend God.  We worship You in Spirit and in Truth. Holy Spirit give us awareness of You presence, teach us, and guide us.  Show us the importance of the Message. Work in us to apply in our lives.  Help us with our petition, our prayers and needs. Teach us to pray.  Make us trust the will of God in every situations.  Help us to distinguish our will and God’s will. Bless Faith of Christ Church, we accept Your will in this Church, we lift it back to You our strength will not suffice to solve. Thank You for healing, opportunities, and peace in family. Help the Minister, Servant Leaders, Volunteers and the whole Congregation. Bless the called You sent. Thank You Father. Take us to the next level of belief in Your Grace.  Today is the day of Transformation in Christ Name we pray. Amen

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