Heavenly Father we are gathered once again to give You blessings and thanksgiving,  Forgive our trespasses as we forgive others. You are a Merciful God, teach us to be merciful who loves unconditionally.  Bless Faith of Christ Church.  Let its door be opened in Simi Valley and the rest of the world.  Your will be done.  Sovereign God touch us to open our eyes to reality of life. Helping one another to speak the Truth to everyone. To help and pray for one another.  Be with us today, help those who are sick among us. Let Your message mold our life. Bless the whole Congregation. Bless the Pastor, he needs some help, he cannot do it alone. Bless the Deacons and Volunteers in their responsibilities. Improve our Ministry and help those who are part of the Ministry. Holy and Reverend are You. We thank you for everything. Thank You for the healing and peace in the Church.  In Jesus Mighty  Name. Amen




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