Heavenly Father

O Merciful God whose mercy endures forever. I honor You today for sustaining us. The provision of Grace is joy to observe.  Preserving the Believers and waking up those whom you’re now calling in the Body of Christ. Forgive our iniquities as we forgive others who hurt us. Thank Your Father, give me strength of body and mind to tackle what lies ahead with Your Mission.  O Holy Spirit guide my path and focus.  I pray for FCC to continuously pray, read and reach out.  Help the Special Needs and the Care Givers who care for them. Heal those who work in the frontlines, nothing broken. Lord of Host, Healer and Compassionate, we trust Your plans and reasons. We will wait till our victory is achieved. We will sing praises to Your Name glorious One, We worship You in Spirit and in Truth. O Great I AM thank You. Fill FCC hope and peace as they move as Your ambassadors of peace. We rejoice in Your Salvation. Lord Jesus, thank Your for the Cross and by Your strifes You healed us. There are more to say and there are more to rejoice about. Our joy is infinite with You. Once again, we reach to You please reach back to us.  Show Your Face and again I beg, petition and pray heal the land, heal the land, heal the land.  Give Your protection to all families. I pray for Marietta who is helping patients who got inflicted by the virus, I pray for Sister Adel, Nene, Edith, Bro Sol, Venice help them with their responsibility. With thanksgiving, done for Your Glory. In Jesus Name we pray. Amen.



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